"The official lube of the living!"

Penetrating Spray Lube


    - Excellent lubricant, friction reducer and corrosion preventative. It is superior to other penetrating fluids because it is developed from a lubricant base that enhances its other qualities.
    - The base and propriety additives have inherent low volatility relative to other fluids. This allows it to stay in place longer and lubricate and protect better.
    - The low viscosity makes it an excellent solvent and will serve as a degreaser for cleaning parts. It stays in place to protect them against rust and corrosion. 
    - The base lubricant has a much higher flash point/ lower viscosity than other oil lubricants.

    - Penetrating oil releases badly rusted or corroded parts
    - Rubber lubricant for particularly squeaky rubber belts.
    - Cleans and forms an anti-corrosion barrier.
    - Degreases printing machinery.
    - Lubricates electrical contacts, improves mechanical performance, and protects
          against corrosion and arc over.
    - lubricates bicycles and other recreational equipment.
    - lubricates and protects garage doors, openers and sliding doors
    - Numerous other uses such as:
    - Windows, Locks, Doors, Hinges
    - Delivery chains and cables
    - Excellent die cleaner and lubricant
    - Squeaky parts
    - Industrial garage doors
    - Exhaust fans
    - Excellent for tapping and drilling
    - Hydraulic hose and fitting assembly
    - Lawn equipment, and many other uses


    - Non conductive
    - High flashpoint
    - Prevents corrosion
    - Water repellent
    - Easily loosens rusted items
    - Safely lubricates electrical components
    - Excellent plastic and rubber lubricant

    Zombie Lube Synthetic Penetrating Spray Lube (PSL) is a pleasent citrus smelling liquid that acts quickly to loosen rusted bolts and nuts, quiet friction induced squeals and squeaks, You will find thousands of uses around the home, shop and yard for  Zombie Lube PSL.

    You will also find that after you have applied PSL to various applications, rust will become a thing of the past! As an added bonus, PSL is also environmentally friendly. The enviornment is one of our main concerns here at Zombie Lube and should be one of yours as well. PSL also helps repel dirt and dust, and is an excellent water repellent product.